Works Written by:
William C. Kernen
(as of 1/1/2015)

Full-length Plays

1.        And Other Fairy Tales                 (Semi-finalist, Oglebay Institute National Playwriting Competition—1997)
                                                             (Showcase production in March 1997 at The Salon, NYC)
                                                             (Equity Showcase in May 2016 at The Workshop Theater--NYC)

2.        A Graveyard Symphony          (Showcase production, Oct. 1997 at Trilogy Theatre, NYC)

3.        Galleria degli Angeli                 (Production, April 2001 at The Independent Theatre, NYC)

4.        Musica de Mariposa

5.        Elegy to Folly                         (Produced by Theatre Studio, Inc.,February 1999, in
                                      one-act form called “No Mourning, I said!”)


1.    And Other Fairy Tales                (in development for 2006 filming)
2.    Galleria degli Angeli                (future 2nd  feature film)
3.    In the House of Athazagora        (completed short film—September 2005)

One-Act Plays

1.        No Mourning, I Said--Theatre Studio, Inc.--1999

2.        Candlelight Sonata (Produced June 1999, Chelsea Arts)

3.        Snapshot of Molly and Her Man (Produced June 1999, Chelsea Arts)

4.        Laughing with Daddy (Produced June 1999, Chelsea Arts--
                         “Night Creatures Wouldn't”--three short play

5.        Allegro con brio (a ten-minute play)

6.        The Remains of Susie (ten-minute play)

7.        In the House of Athazagora         (Video production March 23, 2000.  
                                           Live performance April 29, 2000, NYC)